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What Clients Are Saying About Ghisela


"I love your suits” – Michelle

“Holy Cow it’s amazing” – Stacey

“I’m Happy!....Strutted the suit for the fam, practice posing and I didn’t even need bikini bite! Well done Lady, everyone loves it!” – Riana

“Oh my gosh…I love it!” – Audrey

“First to get called out! It’s the awesome job you did on my suit” Crystal

“Love the Suit” – Sarah

“Thanks! I’m so thankful for your help” – Sarah

​“Beautiful!!! Thank you very much” – Winneta


“The suits fit amazingly!!!...I love them and can’t wait to rock them at my shoot!!!” – Philita


"My experiences with Ghisela Designs have been more than outstanding. Not only have I received a ton of compliments of my suits and how well they fit, but just working with Ghisela has been amazing. She is also a competitor , so she understands that your body can make last minute changes before a show, thus, she is always there to make any adjustments I need. Her suits are really made with care and passion. Oh and I can't forget to mention how affordable it is! Thanks again Ghisela Designs!!!" - Alishia

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