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Deanna Dang



Growing up Deanna was an athletic tomboy who played many sports. Running over 10+ miles a day and as she states "lacking an understanding of proper nutrition." She suffered from issues with body image, restrictive dieting, and anxiety. However, fitness changed every part of her life. She changed her lifestyle to a more fit and healthy one and quickly found the benefits it brought to her life. She now attends the University of California, San Diego where she is studying Human Biology. Eventually she found herself burnt out from the running, but being such an active person, she sought a new sport to commit to. She then found her passion for lifting. As a mediocre lifter, she was eager to compete in her first bikini competition. However the fear of not being able to succeed haunted her. Yet, with her drive and commitment she earned the title of 1st in novice and 2nd in overall which qualified her nationally. She loves every aspect of the fitness world. She now continues her journey in hopes to motivate and inspire others to be happy and confident in themselves because the only competition is yourself.

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