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Growing up Deanna was an athletic tomboy who loved playing sports. In high school, she played a variety of sports including volleyball, basketball, and track and field (pole vaulting.) As a runner in high school, she got so burnt out that she decided to pursue a new sport, Bodybuilding.


Deanna started going to the gym at the start of her college career. She was an avid gym-goer but didn’t have a proper understanding pf nutrition or how to train properly, so she hired a coach in 2016 to compete in her first bikini competition. The rest is history. She soon fell in love with the sport and dedicated her years in college to compete. After competing in over 14+ shows and falling short of becoming an IFBB Pro, she took 2 full years off to build her best physique possible, and in the summer of 2021, finally earned her IFBB Pro Card and title of Miss Bikini USA.


Her first rookie season as a pro in 2022 ended with 2 5th place wins and 3rd place. She strives to one day become an Olympian and will make her appearance back on the stage this 2024.


When she isn’t competing, she is busy helping women find clarity in their fitness journey and heal their metabolism. Fitness and nutrition is a huge part of her life and she loves to help others reach their goals in their own fitness journey.

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Deanna Dang 

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