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Tina Torres



Tina aka Tee or “Bikini Beast” a nickname acquired throughout her fitness journey has a passion for fitness. She likes to inspire others to be strong. Tina began prepping for competition in November 2014 and is now a Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor.


Tina highly impacts high school students at O'Farrell Charter Schools with a program she established called "Power Club". It is important to her to inspire others with all that she has learned and developed throughout her journey, her mission is to lead change and influence our younger generations to strengthen themselves to strengthen our society. She takes pride in being a role model in the industry of body building and loves the opportunity to show people different ways to do so; through strength training, weight lifting, personal development, community impact, being thankful and consistent work ethic. “I do not believe in chasing my dreams, I believe in catching them”  Tina.

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