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Rachael Falhstrom

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Rachael lives in sunny San Diego and is studying to obtain her MA in Nutrition while running her own health and wellness business. She teaches women how to love their bodies and helps reverse the effects (through diet and exercise) of Hashimoto’s and Thyroid disease. Competing is more than a hobby for her, and Rachael’s ultimate goal is to become an IFBB pro and then compete at the Olympia. 

If you ask Rachael, she will tell you, the world of health and fitness saved her life. Before she began competing, she struggled with low self-esteem, an eating disorder, and wasn’t proud of her lifestyle choices. She reached her breaking point and knew a change had to be made, or the consequences could be dire. She wanted to feel a sense of worth and wholeness but wasn’t sure where to start until she discovered faith and fitness. This journey taught her how to be a strong and courageous fighter, and now, she wants to share that strength and courage with others to ignite a fire within them to stand up and fight for the person they want to become. 

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