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Experience Elegance with Our Bikini Collections

We offer a range of competition bikinis that are designed to flatter every body type. Our bikinis are handcrafted with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. We also offer the option of customization, allowing you to choose colors, styles, and embellishments that reflect your unique personality. Shop our collections and book your video or in person sizing appointment because not all smalls are created equal. 

Current Production Time is 3 weeks!

Luxury Collection

Our Luxury Collection is the ultimate in glamour and style. Each one is crafted with care and attention to detail, with up to 4 different colors and up to 3 different sizes of crystals, so you can make a statement on stage. 

Elegant Collection 

The Elegant Collection is perfect for those who want a touch of sparkle but not too much bling. This collection features up to 3 colors in two different sizes of crystals, ensuring that you stand out on stage. 

    Chic Collection

    The Chic Collection is both affordable and dazzling, These bikinis are adorned with a subtle amount of crystal in up to 3 colors and 2 different sizes adding just the right amount of sparkle on stage. This design gives you the option to upgrade at a later date.    

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